Christine Bleny has adopted East Grinstead as her new home over the past year, although born in France where she has been painting for 25 years, having learned her technique in several French ateliers. She discovered her talent when she met an art teacher & artist Alain Maymo, proving very quickly that she was the best student in his atelier (studio).

Shine Little Buddha Christine in Four Colours Divinity One La Nebula La Venusienne Sirene

She then went on to improve her portrait skills with Dejan kotri himself a student of the academy of Belgrade in Serbia. Christine has presented many exhibitions in France, Switzerland and England. Christine presents herself as a figurative artist, painting in the medium of oil. Her last exhibition was a collection of portraits, where the subjects are placed in different settings, some real, some unreal and some with an almost fairytale quality, which gives a mysterious character to her pictures where the aesthetic and the dream occupy the space of the subject…

EXHIBITIONS & PRESSArt Gallery Exhibition photo

With many commissions in different industries, Christine's portfolio is fast growing along with various international exhibitions she is kept busy.

ART GALLERYPainting of a beautiful woman in the forest

Here you will find a small selection from her portfolio. Christine Bleny is always adding new styles to her repertoire and pushing herself with new techniques.

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