The Journey so far...

Welcome to my Artist’s website and thank you for your interest.

I am a bi-lingual Artist, who grew up in North-Eastern France in a family of four siblings. My first glance into an artistic world came through watching my mother draw during her free time. She was inspired by the Old Masters and had a large collection of books containing many of their works.  I used to admire these very much.


Time and life passed on by and then, at twenty-eight years of age, I met an Art teacher who re-kindled my old passion - and it has never left me again!

I draw now on an eclectic combination of influences, materials and time periods. My Art is oriented toward positivity, pleasure, aesthetic sense, glamour, exuberance and an overall faith in society.  My work is an amalgam of many styles - the luxury of Art Deco against the brilliance of metal leaf; the exoticism of China, or the bright colours of Fauvism!  These may appear contradictory at first, but are actually united by my desire for the viewer to step into and participate in the story.

I believe Art to be the soul food of all people and a culture to be the consequence of its Artists’ dreams.

While pursuing my artistic path, I have lived in several different countries, done a variety of jobs, ranging from Pizza-maker to Accountant, to Painter and Decorator. I have also studied various Philosophies during my quest to become an Artist who brings pleasure and aesthetic enhancement to my audience.

For the past fifteen years I have lived near London, giving me access to some of the best Galleries and Art works to be experienced anywhere in the world.  

My own training began in several Art studios in France and abroad and I have continued to learn and improve my techniques using the many available courses, books and videos that we are lucky enough to have access to in our society today.

I have participated in Exhibitions in, Paris, Milan, Basel, London, Strasbourg and New-York.

I donated a painting to the “Association Ange”; a charitable organization working with Artists to help fund research into brain tumours. The renowned Auction House, “Me Cornette de St Cyr” – in Paris then auctions the works.


I recently sold an entire collection of large marine-themed paintings, to a single collector from China!

Open your Art 2017.jpg
2017 Open your art.jpg

My entire output sums up to over 10,000 hours of work, resulting in over five hundred completed paintings! You can see many of them here for yourself, covering a wide range of styles and subject matter.


I've recently donated 2 paintings to Queen Victoria children's ward to brighten up the childrens stay on ward.

"I really love how they kids react when they see a beautiful painting full of colours. Their eyes brighten, I can see the happiness and that makes me happy".

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As an artist I am also available to produce murals, below are pictures of the latest mural i painted in a bedroom.

Please contact me for details of getting your own personalised mural at the email address below.




I will be exhibiting at the Untitled Art Fair in Chelsea Old Town Hall:
Friday 22-24th October 2021  Stand A38

Private view Friday 22nd October 5-9pm

Saturday 23rd October 11am - 6pm

Sunday 24th October 11am to 5pm

Visit Untitled Artists' Fair to receive your free tickets. 

Due to Covid restrictions e-tickets are essential.

For further information on Untitled Artists' Fair visit

Thanks again for your interest and please don’t hesitate to contact me here with any

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Several of my paintings have been sold through the well-known Saatchi Galleries Online, including one to an LA celebrity singer.

I have designed and created several CD and Album covers for the “Bueno Vista Social Club” This is an ensemble of Cuban musicians established in 1996 to revive the music of pre-revolutionary Cuba.

In 2017 I had the honour to be mentored by an Italian artist Lorenzo Chinnici and to be part of his exhibition “Open your Art”.